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WARNING: Communicating with the DEAD is not for everyone. The DEAD
appear to SEE and HEAR and interact with the living now and forever. It
is very difficult to believe death is a non existence once you prove for
yourself that the dead can communicate with the living.


Electronic Voice Phenomena or E.V.P. is the art or science of
mystery voices using electronic audio equipment. E.V.P. does not make
use of psychics, priests or religious groups, seances, or living
mediums, it does however use scientific testing methods.

My research shows that E.V.P. was first noticed or discovered in the
1950s. Since the discovery of E.V.P. there have been many scientific
tests and experiments done by many researchers around the world. All of
the independent research done has come up with the same outcome, which
is the recording of MYSTERIOUS VOICES. Researchers do not know for sure
where the VOICES come from.

We as mere earthly human creatures have proven that there are spirits
of our
dead that can and do interact with the living. We can photograph, see
and feel spirits, ghosts as well as other paranormal phenomena.

The process of communicating with the dead or VOICES is basically very
simple: you turn on a tape recorder with an attached microphone identify
yourself and ask a question. Upon playing back the recording you might
find a answer to your question! This is one of the simplest methods
which will yield amazing results. Not all attempts to communicate will
yield results, but my research proves that repeated attempts will yield
results, Voices that answer spoken questions!

Through reasoning all signs appear to point to the DEAD as the
of the communications. If the VOICES did not want earthly humans to know
about them they simply would not try to communicate with humans! What I
am saying is that the VOICES want us to know they exist and are trying
desperately to get the attention of the living. We the living are the
ones that have no time or interest in communicating with them!

The basic scientific approach must include repeatability. What I am
is that in the past communications have not been repeatable but by using
electronic equipment and proven scientific methods we can have
repeatability, with the results always being within a set of limits or
in a range.

Using the methods, equipment and experiments developed since the early
it becomes a relatively simple task to get reliable communications with
the VOICES! Repeatability comes very quickly using the tape recorder.
Once you have made contact and have set up communications with one
particular VOICE treat this voice as you would a family member, with
respect, and dignity. This will help add to your success rate and
communication repeatability. Ask the VOICE what his/her or its name is
and make a new friend of them / it. Usually once you make a friends with
the VOICE communications with that VOICE becomes easier and easier. It
is as if the VOICES are waiting for you to talk to them.



The communication method or process used to communicate with the
LIFEFORM IS very simple and straight forward. Most people already own
the electronic equipment required to communicate with the E.V.P.
LIFEFORMS. A standard cassette tape recorder and accessories. Yes all
that is required to investigate and communicate with a unknown lifeform
is a tape recorder!

The tape recorder used should be of the highest quality you can
the same goes for all accessories used. If you use High quality tape
recording equipment the results are high quality recordings.

1) The Tape recorder / Microphone method is the simplest. We start by
getting all the equipment together, we will need the following:

A) A cassette tape recorder, or any type of tape recorder, battery or
electric powered. A battery powered tape recorder with new batteries is

B) A new blank cassette tape, 1 hr, or any blank tape to match your
recorder. Hi quality, low noise is preferred.

C) A microphone to use with the tape recorder. A High quality,
microphone is preferred.

D) A Clock, watch or stopwatch to time 1 minute intervals. We want to
the interval between asking a question and recording a answer. If your
tape recorder has a tape counter you can use that, or you could just
count to yourself from 0 to 60.

E) A writing pad and pen, pencil. Prepare a list of questions you
want to
ask the unknown lifeform, it is much easier to conduct the communication
from a prewritten outline.

A typical outline would be something like this:

" GOD creator of all please make this communication possible, thank
"Hello my name is ALEX. I know you can hear me, please answer me. I
testing this method of communication and would like to talk to you. My
name is ALEX, what is your name please. I will be listening for 1 minute
for your name ,thank you".

At first try to keep you questions and or statements short and to the
point. A 30 second to 60 second time period is fine.

F) A location to try the experiment, a location with known Paranormal
activity is a bonus but not required, the experiment can be performed
anywhere with or without known Paranormal activity.

G) People to conduct the experiment, one person is really all that is
required but two is better, the more people present for the
communication the more witnesses there are to it.

2) Once we have all our equipment together we test the equipment,
sure everything is operating correctly before starting the
A) Set the equipment up at the particular location you are interested
in. B) Tell all the people present the rules, one person is chosen to
the session, everybody else should remain silent during the

Everybody should have a copy of the outline and follow it.

C) Tell everybody to be as quiet as possible through out the session
follow the instructions or outline, the communication session is about
to start. The session starts with the Leader turning on the tape
recorder, resetting the tape counter, and placing it in the record mode.
The leader now verbalizes or speaks aloud the following:
1) The name of the leader _____
2) The name of any other researchers present
_____, _____, _____
3) The day, date and time _____, _____, _____
4) The building location, address, and the room
5) The communication session number _____
6) List all of the equipment you are using _____,
_____, _____, _____
7) Verbalize or speak aloud the question you want
to ask the unknown lifeform
8) Wait 30 seconds - 1 minute for a answer. Everyone in the room is
silent for this time period while recording a possible answer / VOICE.
9) repeat 7 and 8
10) repeat 7 and 8
11) repeat 7 and 8
12) repeat 7 and 8
13) This is the end or session number _____
The time is _____
14) Turn off the tape recorder

The session is about 10 minutes long and you repeated your questions
statements about 5 - 7 times. Now we rewind the tape to the starting
point and play it back while we listen for any unknown lifeforms voice
that might have answered our questions.

The voice and or voices of the paranormal lifeforms sound very strange
first but are easily recognizable with practice. The simplest methods is
to listen with headphones and turn up the volume to the highest volume
you are comfortable with, then you listen to the background noise we
recorded in the session. You are listening to the noise or quiet for any
changes in the volume, pitch, rhythm, tone, timbre, or speed. The
UNKNOWN LIFEFORMS VOICE varies greatly from ours in all of these areas.
The Voices are mixed in with the background noise, and usually about the
same volume. That is why the voices are easy to miss during playback of
the tape. Most Paranormal lifeform voices communicated with through the
use of this method sound about the same.

The lifeforms voice does appear to reflect its mood or state of
Some voices during communications have verbally appeared to be pleased,
displeased, bored and amused plus other feelings. The timbre of most
paranormal lifeform voices is about the same. The paranormal voices are
basically monotone, flat and or compressed in sound quality. There is
not much of a low frequency component in a paranormal voice. Basically
it is lacking bass and is rich in treble sounds.



The paranormal lifeform voices are very complex. We depend upon the
device or microphone to perceive the paranormal voice, depending upon
what type of pickup device or microphone I use depends whether I receive
a voice in the low or high frequency range.

The communications we tape recorded during the session does not appear
have anything but NORMAL BACKGROUND NOISE on it. The normal background
noises or sounds were picked up by the microphone we were using. The
voices are probable there, but we did not find them yet. The voices
sometimes appear as noise or are in the noise. We must listen very
carefully at first to hear the voices. What we are doing is training our
mind and body to identify the voices. I usually replay and listen to the
tape several times. Usually I use a 1 minute answer time period, and I
listen to this answer period several time. When I find a change in the
volume, tone, or general timbre of the noise this is usually a voice.
Some of the voices are easily heard the first time I listed to them.
Knowing what to listen for is a major factor in determining if you have
communicated with the voices. I have reviewed session tapes that at
first appeared to not contain voices, but upon closes inspection I found
several voices. The voices that are very low in volume appear to be
mixed in with the background noise. At first until you are trained the
voices sound like the noise. Do not worry about this, the paranormal
voices are so different from our human voice that once you hear a
paranormal voice you will never forget how it sounds. This also makes it
a lot easier for you with respect to future communications.
The idea is to train our mind and body to hear the paranormal voices
in the noise. This sounds hard but is in fact a simple learning process.
The process is the same one we use when we hear several conversations at
the same time.

We can tune into only one of the several conversations we hear and or
hear all of the conversations but we understand only the one we want to. We
tune all of the other conversations out and concentrate on the one we
want to hear. Same applies to hearing a paranormal voice in the noise,
we want to tune out the noise and tune in the paranormal voice. It does
not take very long for our mind and body to be trained to hear the
paranormal voices. This training is really a matter of hearing a
paranormal voice and listening to it a few times. Upon repeated
listening to a paranormal voice our mind and body becomes very accustom
to hearing them. Once you hear the voices you will always be able to
recognize them in the future. Finding and hearing your first voice is
the hard part, after the first contact it becomes easier and easier to
communicate with the paranormal voices.

Listen to the taped 1 minute answer period several times. This is not
for the purpose of trying to find or hear a voice but it also improves
the quality of the tape recording. This in itself is very strange.

The more we playback and listen to a session tape the better the
quality of
the recording becomes? Re-recording the original session tape also
enhances the quality of the original session tape? The forth or fifth
generation of tape is usually the best. This generation is of higher
quality that the original tape, this is a non understandable event.
Every audio expert in the world will tell us that the highest quality
tape recording is the first recording. All generations of tape
recordings made from a original become degraded more and more with each
successive generation. The original is the best and it only goes down
hill from there. All successive re-recordings or generations lose tonal
quality, in many aspects. The noise becomes louder, the volume
diminishes a bit, and there is electronic and mechanical noise added by
the re-recording process. This is why the first tape recording must be
of highest quality possible, with each successive generation of tapes
re-recorded we get a lowers quality tape. This is not so when it comes
to a tape with a paranormal voice recorded on it.

A tape recording which contains a paranormal communication or voice
increases in tonal quality with each successive re-recording. It also
increases its quality with each successive play back. The more we rewind
and play back and listen to a tape recorded session the higher the
quality of the original tape becomes. This is totally opposite of what
we know to be true but it is true! If at first you do not find a voice
on the original session tape try playing it back several times and or
re-recording it. This process is generally called "developing" a tape.
When we develop a tape we increase the quality of any paranormal
lifeforms voice that might be on it.

A developed tape which contains a voice is the perfect teaching tool.
can listen to the original and the developed tapes and hear what you did
not hear the first time. Listen and compare the similarities and
differences. That way the next time you listen to a session tape you
will have already trained your mind and body to hear and understand
them. Multiple voices are quite common, some voices can be in
conversation with each other and can be recorded and monitored.

Hmmm will the government consider this situation eavesdropping and
illegal ? That would be a rather convenient and a effective means of
keeping all research and findings in this area a TOP SECRET!!

This will probably fall under the same laws as wiretapping, bugging and
laws governing the monitoring and reception of any communication not
originally intended for your reception.


Here are some www resources which contain information about EVP.




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